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The Twist Remixed

Remixed & Mastered. The New Release of Chubby Checker's "The Twist," has all the vibe of the original 45. The big difference is in the Sonics, which exhibits a Sound that's up to date for the digital era & just plain Rockin' on the Big Speakers or on an iPhone.

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The Texas Twist with "Texas Radio"
$20.00 each

The Texas Twist with "Texas Radio"

1. The Twist
2. Honky Tonk Girls
3. Rowdy Country boys
4. Youíre Just What I Needed
5. Slide Up Closer
6. From Here Til Eternity
7. The Texas Twist
8. The Other Side Of Nashville
9. Thatís What It Takes
10. Run To me
11. Take Me Back To Oklahoma
12. Slow Twistin

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